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Great move to switch over to Bootstrap. I hope this will help you reduce development time by focussing on the important stuff in the backend. And thus help you correct some of the older bugs (like the broken "number of files" feature for TV series).

Can't wait to see new features as well, like an "re-upload a subtitle" function in case one has found some errors in a subtitle file that has been uploaded already without losing all the ratings and comments etc.

In any case, thanks for maintaining this platform. It's my favorite.


Thank you for the nice words all.

@Captain: the Flag feature is working again for subtitles.
@Tronar: Number of files is on the todo-list - should be finished this month. Re-upload of subtitle will entail more work so its unsure when.

New feature release today: "Dark Theme" for those who browse in the dark :)


Wow. Impressive. I love the Dark Theme... But There is an error, When you go to your Profile and go to "View All Subtitles", Then when you look at the Ratings or Comments, It's a Total Black Background Color And you can't see a thing in that sides... So hope it will be fixed Very Soon, I like the Theme and maybe there'll be more? :D. Anyways Keep up the Good Work. I really love it and Hope there'll be more Updates/Changes to Be Fixed. Thanks a lot. :)


html codes please for both comments and reply in forums discussions, like we used to, so we could embed pics and change font and colors .... etc
thanks in advance.



i'm totally agree with you
& i like the Dark Theme



Thanks for the new upgrade. When I changed to dark theme, I cannot know the subtitle's owner from the subtitle list. Also I try to change my name but I couldn't. Please advice


Thanks, It's fixed. BTW, Love the Dark Theme; Useful for night owls like me.


@Fidells3 Yes that dark theme was missing some spots. They are visible now. Thanks for reporting everyone.

@Sanino you can change your username one time, and only use letters and numbers and . and _.

More options will be available at a later time in comments and forum.



Thanks, It's worked now. Also, I love the Dark Theme and I use it all the time. Maybe later, I'll try to change my name.

Artha Regina

I cant change my public image. fix it please?


@that::thing Wow Impressive work. Again. xD. And the Recent Subtitles are Back.. Nice Job. I Really love this site.. Keep it up guys. Hope There'll be more Updates/Changes to Come... :)


Nice of you to notice the changes @Fidells3.

@Artha please try changing your image now :)


when you are in forums and click on old version doesn't work


I can't upload subtitles. The "Select file(s)" button doesn't work... drag and drop doesn't work too. Tried in IE 11 and Firefox.

Artha Regina

@that::thing thanks, it works now


@Artha good to see your new image :)
@GigaWatt please try uploading again now. I was the browsers you mention that didn't work.

Old forum link is fixed, thanks.