Welcome to new Subscene (page 8)

Rami El Gohary

Make subtitle download link open in new tab because I can't rate any subtitle
the rating button just show for two seconds and then it goes to a blank page

Sabrina Liem

yes thank you subscen for direct to https, it make easier than must make it manual...


Background's too bright,
A man need's a dark theme
jaqen h'ghar :)


bad update so slow errors


every time i log into subscene i have to enter my name and pass,,, not same old one,, that one can remember me every time///
somebody will tell me marke remember me... I did no use

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee fix it


my sub is pending... why?


would the comments viewing be fixed ?


Found out that comments made in this new version of Subscene will show up, but not from the previous version.Still gotta fix that. Also pls made a notification if there's ever someone commenting our sub.


**thanks great update

but i have to login every time i open the site
and there is only one page in Browse subtitles latest section !

thank you **


Dear System Administrator/Developer,

The new Subscene look great, and (as you said) system migration/upgrade isn't finished yet. In my opinion (IMHO), new system’s too soon implemented before everything's (repeat: everything) okay and tested. Is it true? If I'm wrong, I'm very sorry, please forgive me. According its plan, when it'll finished?

Then, one more thing .... how about the whole comments/forum and messages in the Subscene before. Hopefully, you'll at least put some of them back to the new Subscene. BRAVO!
Thank you very much for attention and your kindness.

Best Regards, EmirTEF. :)


I Like The Old One Especially When I Didn't Have To login Every Time I Enter The Site !!!!!!!


can't accesses the Comments

Sabrina Liem

hope you will check and make a solution for always log in when enter the site.


I have to login every time i were here, WTF?


Tanks For The Downgrade ؟؟؟؟