Welcome to new Subscene (page 11)


Wow.... I like the Dark Theme. Impressive


@that::thing: The "Select file(s)" button works again, thanks.


we need "add photo" in comments :(


glad to know
thanks for that


Thank you because you working to make "Subscene" is a better place
But, Please, Add "view on old version" again in user’s profile
Keep up the good work


I can't log in using Firefox unless I set my Privacy settings to accept cookies.

I set it to accept cookies, log in, it sets the cookie for your third party identity service (!!!), then I set it back to not accept cookies--because there's no way I'm going to leave my browser set to accept cookies all the time just so I can search for an occasional subtitle. It logs me out and I can't log back in.

This is unacceptable. Maybe there's a setting I'm missing. If not, Bye Bye Subscene. Have fun on the dark side of corporate bullsh!t.


I want to ask.
first... I changed my profile picture, it's done.
then now, I want to change my pp again,
after uploading.. yes new picture showed up.

heres the problem..
after that new PP showed up, then I refresh my profile page...
..oddly my old Picture showed up.
And it keeps repeated.

any suggest plees..


we need HTML codes you people


really amazing .. go forward :)


What a shame you guys are pulling either a total dick move or a totally ignorant one with this identity-jeded service. Stupid kids. This is 2016. Find someone who knows about the internet to help you.


I loved this new version ^_^


Hi Joli bee, what browser are you using? And what error is shown?

Hope to help.

And others, thanks for the nice words.



I want ( subscene database url )


How can i delete a subtitle that is already uploaded by me to my subscene account? What should i do to make a delete ?


Suggestions and requests :

Please add "last" next to page number like the old version
And please add "view on old version" again in user’s profile
And "last visited" in user’s profile is not work well, it is fixed and it doesn’t change
And please improve "reply tools" by adding colours and other things like the old version

And I hope that the problem of the old version will be fixed and go working again
because this version contains important posts and other things

I appreciate your efforts
Keep up the good work


I agree the 'Dark Theme' is far more readable (especially on mobile screens in daylight) & reminds me of the older site version (which I preferred until trying 'Dark' view).

Suggestion #1 - On 'Subtitle search by release name' results page, the 'Comment' field really needs a 'WordWrap' command to display main version & detail info - often find I have to click on many results before finding say a simple 'foreign parts only' detail which otherwise would be seen. On popular subs / rip versions w/many posts this would REALLY speed up everyone's searches (& likely reduce your site bandwidth with less unecessarily opened pages).

BreakFix #1 - If I (or any user) wishes to see (either mine or) the comments of others, the [ "See x comments (In forum)" ] link on each sub doesn't work at all (even though new comments are accepted). The link code still points to the old site url ( eg http://v2.subscene.com/forums/t/396972.aspx?PageIndex=1 ) & therefore fails w/a "503 Service Unavailable" error.

Should this code simply be fixed to refer to the 'https://forum.subscene.com/' url & whatever new sub # etc on the end? I even tried a quick manual url fix of ( eg https://subscene.com/forums/t/396972.aspx?PageIndex=1 ) but this doesn't work either. This is on old & newly posted comments by the way.

Considering users can still bring up their old D/L, voting & rating history on the new site, wouldve thought this an easy fix? If I can help with testing - happy to guys 8-)