Welcome to new Subscene (page 6)


I noticed things have changed:
- View members profile button has disappeared.
- All the discussions have gone from the main page.
- There is nothing below "Recent subtitles".
- The old version doesn't work with the new one.
"If I received a new message, the old version doesn't notify me so"
"or If I logged off in the new version, the old version keeps me on"


Who or what the heck is jeded.com?


I can’t view the comments of any subtitle

i hope you would fix this


STILL can't upload subtitles. UPLOAD SUBTITLE>Select file(s) link doesn't work.


I'm so sick of this new update >< still can not upload subtitle! -- this is important! PLEASE FIX THIS!


I have to upload subs but Upload -> Select file(s) doesnt work -_- please I need your help :( fix this, ok? Thanks.


Can't upload subtitles, the "Select file(s)" button doesn't work. Tried in IE and Firefox. The drag and drop feature doesn't work also.


To the all Members I just realized to rate you have to refresh the page wich is kinda crazy.

Add somthing Like Bio ( About ...) in new version


Hi all, we are looking into the upload issue with IE and later versions of Firefox.


Hi again, please try uploading again now. A small javascript code was somehow blocking the functionality, especially in Internet Explorer (IE).


Finally... I can upload subs again! Thanks :)

Kupu Cupu Gaul

what happened with rate ? still not working !


Can You add the HTML button to messages and comments, like it was before ? so we can at least modify them like we want ? (change colors, add pictures...)


Remember me check box is still not working... Please try to resolve this issue ASAP....


It's fixed. UPLOAD SUBTITLE>Select file(s) link works. Thanks!


i cant rate any subs and always logout if i open new window, on previous stay loggin option available.