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Why do I, with a user-profile and logged in, have to do a reCAPTCHA again and again? It's pretty annoying, and as I see it, it should be enough to do it once at every new logIn. I can see the idea doing it several times with anonymous users.

Hero Kan

To prevent the search attack!


Is there no way to exclude registered users? Maybe just ban the occasional offenders? Limit the captcha checks to newly registered users, and so on?

Also, how about limiting a number of searches per IP? Say, first search every 10-15 minutes is free, then activate a captcha check? Registered users get more searches before the check hits?

Really hope a better solution will be found. I love this website, but wasting so much of my time on captchas really gets on my nerves.


I literally DETEST captchas ESPECIALLY those silly 'click all the cats' etc. ones. Half the time you can barely see the items they want. A very simple solution....no one can download any subtitles unless they are a member and logged in.


I only did it one time, then never asked me again ...


Reason for me to use another page, with those BS captchas.

Bander Alhlbaney

@Hero Kan

أستاذ وائل ممكن تترجم لنا الكلام
لأنو أنا كمان حاب اسأل عن اللي موجود بالزاوية


@Bander Alhlbaney

الخاصية هذه لمنع الهجوم على الموقع
يعني حماية بالأصح


If one is a logged in member he should be able to download subtitles, as simple as that!

Everybody else not.

And NO reChapta or other sick weirdo shite!

But I know the owners just do not give a shite!

addi7ed.com is the usual source, anyways, innit? ;)


@katso> Quote here addi7ed.com is the usual source, anyways, innit? ;)

Actually, not so much. They still produce high quality subtitles, but nowadays many, especially popular, shows get (english) subtitles from here and/or from opensubtitles.


Hi everyone, sorry for the captcha solution. It is now possible to search WITHOUT captcha if you are logged in as suggested.

Currently, its a necessary evil to have a captcha to avoid bots from hammering on the site and slowing it to a complete halt.


After this new search method this website is alive again thanks guys for the work and keep it up :)


HOW do I stop this site from sending me an email every time someone adds to this topic?? I DID untick the "get notified of replies" to no avail.