Why don't you make an App?

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To Subscene creators and managers, our valuable, precious site …
I think you’ve got enough users to make an App. for all operating systems.
It’ll be a great forward step.



And an API - even if it's will be payable


Yes.. i totally agree 👍👍


They don't even maintain this site well, it's just so buggy and can't stand heavy loads most of the time, what makes you think they would be able to handle an app besides maintaining the site?


Yes, the site may be slow sometimes due to the large number of users, but based on many personal experiences, i found a quick and sometimes instant responses from the admins solving several problems that i had previously encountered, and this is something great and i should thank them for, and gives me hope that they are keen to solve the problems of all members here, and also that they’ll try to respond to any development proposals.

  • I and a lot of other users haven't been able to open our Inbox for a long time. Maybe a year now.
  • Slow response towards reports about users abusing the Bad rate or stealing others' subs.
  • Multiple (even hundreds) of clone IDs to give good rate to one particular account.

But I do have to give credits to mods who responds swiftly mainly in the 2 main thread: "Double subtitle pages" & "Subtitles without IMDB / poster". Other than that, almost 0.


just appreciate from us the text soldiers hihi,but maybe we'll workin'on it sooner as you all requested,stay tune on Subscene <3 thank you, Gbu all