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Dear that::thing,

I'm facing the same problem.. I can't download any subtitles and my downloads page always show message : "Error:". My browser is Mozilla Firefox.

Hope you can help me. Thank you.


Dear that::thing,
I hope you can help me because I seem unable to post to the forum.
I went to great pains to make excellent idiomatic subtitles for the movie Volver which can be found here:
These subs have been downloaded 6714 times, and yet there appears only ONE bad review, which means my subs appear on the list with a bad red icon.
Can anyone contact an admin and have this false rating removed??? Clearly there would be more bad ratings if it were indeed so horrible. HELP!


How to add a movie tittle which has no IMDB ID?


السلام عليكم . مع قرب عودة ساموراي جاك اتمنی منكم ترجمة الموسم الثالث و الرابع مع تمنياتي لكم بالخير


how for add music title,but not available? sorry i newbie


Cant download via opera mobile android or java or symbian.


Please add an option of Email notification for private messages.

Also, the search querry does not show the proper results when one uses the "name of the movie+year" query whereas it should help giving the exact requested result. (e.g. "Dunkirk (2017)").

Thank you



Tried to add a new topic (mine) to request subtitle, but I don't see any tool for it.


I wish if there are pinned topics in forum like:
- Requests (By Language).
- Bugs & Suggestions.
- Admin Topics (Movie Without Poster, 2 Pages For The Same Name, etc...).


are we can change email yet?


WHEN -OH!- WHEN, will the SEARCH Function be "BACK" to "normal?"

I USE to be able to put in a Search, such as: "2004.Godzilla.Final.Wars.720p.HDTV.XviD.AC3-CG"

NOW, if I enter that I get this message:

Temporary unavailable

This section is temporarily unavailable.

It will be back again.

Have a good day,
Subscene Team.

EVERY time. I have to "EDIT" the search to look like this: "2004 Godzilla Final Wars" I have to remove punctuation and ANY other numbers, punctuations, etc. Whereas before, I could enter the "ABOVE" title search and Subscene would take me to the EXACT Subtitle that I was looking for.

Long story short, the "Search" function on Subscene has been changed, and NOT for the better, either. It's been changed (unfortunately, in "my" opinion) for the worse.

I would LOVE to see the "old" Subscene Search Function return. I say "old" when in reality (as of THIS posting) it's only been a few months now. But it SEEMS like so much longer.

Will we ever see the original search function restored and/or returned again? Or are we "stuck" with what we have now, forever???

Just curious. : ) Thanks for any RE in RE to this topic, of course, in advance. : ) -EB