VPN For Australia

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Can anyone here guide me with a good Australia VPN ? I have recently moved to Sydney and have found out that many sites here are geo restricted. This is very frustrating for me hence help needed!!!


try hoxx VPN . it's The best VPN "Free & Fast"


The acute problem is organized and designed for the individuals. The ambit of the regulation and is accentuated for the persons. It has been marked under the shadow of the quite good items for the humans.


It's also well known that a VPN alone won't do it, since the feds can bypass the VPN provider and go straight to the upstream provider and do a fibre tap on the live data if they want to catch them that badly.

To be truly anonymous online:
don't use google or the chrome web browser
secure a smartphone/PC
use linux
use TOR and check your exit nodes, then use no login proxies on top of that
and so on

Even with all of that, if your government is really after you, they will find a way.

Use of a VPN in Australia for ordinary people is about protecting yourself from:
1) insecure wifi
2) script kiddies inside your ISP/mobile carrier NAT
3) data retention (mass surveillance on individuals being used for other purposes, like selling personally identifiable heatlh google searches to private insurers – mark my words, it's coming. The govt (or the NBNs new owner when they sell it in a fire sale) needs a return on NBN somehow)
4) copyright trolls