To the owner of the site الى صاحب الموقع (page 2)

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الحلول كثيرة يا أخوان ونتمنى التنفيذ أو أعطاء بعض الصلاحيات لبعض الأعضاء كمراقبين مثلاً
وهُناك الكثير ممن يستحقون ذلك


ايقاف التسجيل ليس حل
لانه سيمنع المترجمين الجدد من اضافة ترجماتهم في الموقع
لكن يمكن السماح بالتسجيل عن طريق الدعوات وتفعيل العضويات للمشاركة عن طريق المراقبين هكذا يتم
حل المشكلة مع الاطفال


هذا الطفل ارسل رسالة
بعد كتابتي التعليق اعلاه


لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله استغفرك ربي واتوب اليك

بالله عليكم لمَ الأهتمام وهو في الأساس لا يهُم أصحاب الشأن


Since I am not able to see the OP that got this Thread started and the "offending party" or the "offending post" I am only going on what I have read, on the two pages of comments, posted (as of THIS posting.)

For whatever it's worth (or not) it SEEMS like someone " offended" someone else...

In my experience, simply even just by acknowledging some people, that is all that they want.

Just LOOK at all of the " attention" that they are getting.

My suggestion? Just IGNORE them. Don't reply, don't even LOOK in their direction. Simply LET them post what they will but do NOT comment to them.

I also see a LOT of hypocrisy here as well. Some are saying that this "kid" is offensive and calling names or whatever but then THEY turn around, in the same breath (or in this case, same sentence) start calling HIM names. What is up with THAT???

Some are talking about "God" but what ever happened to "FORGIVENESS" and "LOVE" and "turning the other cheek???"

Should we NOT spread "love" where there IS none???

IDK. I personally think that if you are offended... DON'T be...

HE canNOT offend you... Only YOU can let YOUSELF BE offended. It is up to YOU to either CHOSE to be offended... or you can chose NOT to be offended. I usually chose the latter of the two. ; )

I know... this is a HARD concept to grasp. But I suggest that you REALLY take a long THINK on that one. : ) I mean, only YOU can allow yourself to "feel" a certain way. If you WANT to be offended, then you allow yourSELF to feel that way. I cannot MAKE you feel a certain way. Only YOU can allow yourself to "feel" the way that you do.

I have found that "life" is WAY too short to let mundane matters, such as this, to WASTE my energies on them.

I only posted this, because I don't think that it is a waste of my time. If only ONE person takes away something and LEARNS from this, then it was TOTALLY worth my time. :)

WHEREVER you go (even more so on this Internet now) you will find that ONE person who is seeking attention (be it good OR bad [and yes, you may attribute that to " bad parenting]" but that is a moot point. It does not MATTER!!) and it is up to YOU to NOT give it to them.

Don't "waste" YOUR time on mundane people (now "I" am calling names) Lord knows, I certainly TRY not to...

Again, "life" is TOO short. Don't disgrace yourself by emulating what you are "complaining" about. Don't "sink" to that level. :) Rise ABOVE it and learn to IGNORE it. You will be amazed at how fast it (they?) will disappear. : ) Trust me on this one.

I HOPE that this helps... even just a little. : ) -EB

The Good

المرجو ايقاف التسجيل في الموقع