The website is slow again (page 6)


Incredibly slow!!!!


The Developer Team most be make a simple json api service for end of this fuking nightmare.they do not know about this or do not have the cost to build this service.


"" توقف الموقع الشهير
عن العمل بسبب هجمات الدوس العنيفة
.يبدو أن الهجوم يستهدف موقع "سيبسان" ومواقع التورنت المعروفة معا


This section is temporarily unavailable.
It will be back again.
LOL ..
any other site suggestion till subscene normal again? my law of jungle subs -.-


for admin, if you need strong server contact me
good , for manage server from ddos attack


almost 1 hour and still error for downloading 1 subtitle.
maybe we should search another website.

joli bee

cant use this site anymore too slow