Subtitle Synch to First Versions?

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Anyone have any tips on how to synch your subs to First Downloads? I can use Aegisub to shift subs, but it seems like the First versions have completely different timings. The subs keep going out of synch. Did First somehow kill Next and Deresis?


If your sub slowly runs out of sync, it's most likely a speed/framerate problem. I use subtitleedit, which has several options to change speed, like framerate or percentage. Also visual sync with first and last sub with video display.


This is common okay. WEB Subtitle syncing to Blu-ray Rips Videos Have diff runtime and some add frames (not all) specially TV Series Transfer on Blu-ray.

You need to correct it manually if your syncing web subtitle to Blu-ray Rips. Some TV Series Transfer on Blu-ray have add frames/cut frames in the beginning and in the middle.


Try to learn and understand it by searching on web. That not all Blu-ray Transfer is equally made.



Not all WEB Version is equally made too. Different Streaming service edit the video by adding an Intro of their Streaming sites or cutting it (let's say it's censored, that explicit frames will be removed on censored version and the runtime will be diff from the original uncensored version.) That's why runtime is different per WEB sources.

You might encounter a WEB source original without Intro of Streaming Services.
Or might have see one. Those have different runtime also.


Double Check Manually the subtitle your editing and the sources before syncing. Not all are equally made.


On SubtitleEdit, I retimed it to F1RST version via "Change frame rate" using "Synchronization". I usually use from "29.97" to "30.222". The frame rate for F1RST is 30fps that's why you're having a difficult time resyncing it..