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Hola porque nos suben los sub títulos de Chaf Hua y de my dear destiny


Do you do Farsi subs? Could you do trials of Gabrielle Fernandez in Farsi? Or maybe do episode 3 and 4 of filthy rich Jeffrey Epstein ? Soembody already episode 1 and 2 in Farsi but stopped.


The sniffer - S4 (sniffer - nyukhach - НЮХАЧ)

I would like to see subs for season 4 of this show. Other seasons are available on opensubtitles, for anyone interested. Season 4 is complete on youtube, but has only autogenerated subs. Which are generally terrible. Plus they are of course russian (or ukranian?), which I don't speak. I speak dutch and english and can read german. Any of these would be fine.

Edit: available subs added here too:


Request english subtitle for Portuguese series Verdades Secretas (Hidden Truths) 2015 please


طلب ترجمة عربية للمسلسل الكوميدي
Schitt's Creek
الحائز على 9 جوائز
المسلسل الان لديه 6 مواسم وتقييمه عالي ومستمر اتمنى ممن لديه الوقت التطوع بترجمته ومقدر وشاكر وممتن جدا لكل من سوف يقوم بالتطوع


The Dominator 3: Junior Bullies (2020 korean movie in english .srt

The Dominator 2 – School Martial Art Master (2019) in english .srt

Action, Korea

The Dominator (2019) in english .srt

Action, Korea


The Pinkertons

There is a dvdrip out there by ghouls, so there probably are subs too, possibly sub/idx. But I can't seem to find a download site for this.

Format and sync is no problem, I can ocr/convert/sync myself.