Subtitle Request (page 75)


Plz upload subtitles of kc undercover season 3 all episode...


Hello, holla... Can anyone make an english subtitle that suits with this upload? Thanks in advance.

Tarzan and the Lost City (1998)


Request subtitle indonesia weekly idol eps 346 dong gomawo 😍


Ka req sub Bahasa Indonesia drama korea yang judulnya Live (yang main Lee Kwang Soo). Makasih sebelumnya :)


Indonesia subtitle 'life bar episode 62' 🙏


Indonesia subtitle 'life bar episode 62' 🙏



http:// nctsub. tumblr. com/
Here you can only find NCT's cut of Life Bar ep 62.

To have the whole video subbed, I'm afraid that would be difficult. The episode aired 4 days ago(?) so expect late or nothing. Because I watched Life Bar the Prison Playbook ep without subs. I used Naver dictionary while watching the ep though. :D

The only choice you have is to learn the language. Nothing else. To translate is hard enough, let alone subbing/timing. So please stop asking subbers to do so.

재밌게 살자! ^^