Subtitle Language Translation

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As long as there exists a subtitle for your film or TV-episode, don't despair if it is not in your preferred language:

  1. Download a subtitle in any language.
  2. Change the file extension from .srt to .txt
  3. Upload the file to '', or any similar service, choose the 'from' and 'to' languages, and press 'Translate'. Depending on the length of the file, you can download the translation a few seconds later.
  4. Change the file extension of the downloaded file back from .txt to .srt

    • This works because an .srt file is a simple text file with number and timing information added for each subtitle line.
    • If the downloaded subtitle is in an .ass file (Advanced Substation Alpha) you could use 'Aegisub', or a similar program, to export the .ass file as .srt. (the .ass file is also a plain text file, but the associated script doesn't translate well)
    • 'OnlineDocTranslator' uses Google Translate to perform the actual translation

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But, still, Google translate is not perfect for every language (even for English). So, the output may not give a perfect idea of the movie, but manageable.


No translation is perfect, and machine translations are still mostly rubbish.
However, it does give a starting point from which you can substitute proper phraseology and idioms.

Even professional translations do need tweeking, as they sometimes (often) ignore colloqialisms and peculiarities in the target language.


i have no problem with google translation.. if there are no translation..
you can use this to translate from and to any language
can translate multi sub in one time