Subs From Hotstar

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Can anyone please tell me a way to download subs from


I couldn't download from hotstar.

Let me explain what i did here (be patient):
1. Play movie in hotstar with CC being on.
2. Press Ctrl+Shift+i (developer options) in chrome.
3. Go to network Tab.
4. Look for "webvtt" segment files (there will be may).
5. Right click and open in new tab (refer step 9 also).
6. Now you would see subtitles in html.
7. Copy only relevant part i.e., excluding headers, only time frames and text into notepad.
8. Now the problem is there will be on an average 145 segments.
9. In step 5 when you open in new tab, you change segment number to 1 in browser address bar.
10. You have to repeat this i.e., changing segment number, copying into notepad (i prefer Notepad++).
11. And then convert that text file into .srt
12. Or simply you can open an existing .srt file in notepad and replace the existing text.
13. But here you have to retain the serial numbers in old .srt file or you have to add numbers serially.
14. manually adding numbering is difficult as there would be around 3000 lines.
15. Here i used excel for adding serial numbers.

For adjusting timing difference you ca use a very simple software "subtitles - 1.2"

I can send that excel working sheet with formulas.
As you can see i did quite a hard work by opening 135 segment files and copying text.
Because i was hell bent on watching this movie, but nowhere the subtitles are available.

So, i thought of uploading them.
I hope i am helpful.