request subtitle indonesia


Request subtitle indonesia lets eat dinner together episode 32 variety show korea.thank you.


Please request subtitle indonesia variety show newlyweds diary (the lovebirds) episode 3-6.thank you so much.


Please request happy together again episode 501 guest same again Jo in sung n IU.previously thank you so much any one with translate language indonesia happy together episode 500,thank you so much.please translate again.please request again subtitle indonesia lewat eat dinner together episode 33 guest cast drama korea man x man park he jin.thank you so much.forgive me many request translate._^


Please request translate language indonesia movie japan Korean Teacher (English title) / I Who Suddenly Became a Teacher Fell in Love with Her (literal title) ..


Request sub Indo The Keepers serial Netflix


admin please sub indo the Last Dragonslayer 2016 480 p


Cant you guys imagine that make a subtitle is not as easy as you think. :P
perhaps you can be creative to try to make that once. Thank You


Request indo sub Thinking About My Bias (오빠생각) episode 1 & 3


Admin, request itazura na kiss campus THE MOVIE dong. Tolong ya min. Makasih banyak min :"((


sub indo itazura na kiss Campus The Movie min :'( Thankyou so much


subtitle indonesia house of cards season 5 dong
udah lengkap tuh satu season tapi belum ada subtitle indonesia
ditunggu secepatnya min


sampah, penipu @ramesia


Previously thank you so much any one with translate indonesia language happy together episode 501,thank you so much friend.please request subtitle knowing brother episode 78 because cast lee hong ki.thanks_^


Previously thank you for SultanKhilaf it has been translate indonesia language for variety show let eat dinner episode 33.please request again translate eat dinner together episode 34 cast jeong hyeong don(mc weekly idol) and song min ho(boy band winner) and happy together episode 502 cast kim min jae (goblin),cha tae hyun(comedian and actor movie my sasy girl with jun ji hyun thank you friend.forgive me many request^.


Please..request sub indo wonderwoman


Request subtitle indo dong yang drama mandarin princess agents,kalo subtitle englishnya sih udah ada tolong yah....