[Request]Belzebuth (2017): FULL English Subtitle...

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My apologies if misplaced, I am not familiar with this site.

The movie Belzebuth has come out, but lacks a Full English Subtitle.
It has or Spanish where English spoke, or English where Spanish spoken.

Being near deaf, I could follow the English underscore, but I failed to understand 4/5th of the English spoken parts.
It does not have to be a deaf-subtitale, in which all noises are printed out, just the text, please.

Thank you very much, either way. :)

The Xog.


@Xogroroth :

I hope this works for you. I just saw your request and found a subtitle that works with web versions. Please let me know if this subtitle is a full one or not, since I'm too busy right now to check it.


OH MY GOD, thank you, gonna watch asap!!!

You're a true lifesaver, sir.


Sadly... it's the Spanish sub.
And not even full through, just the English parts... :(


Anyone with a complete English sub, please?


so the current subtitle is missing the English spoken parts?
it's not that hard to fix it, but which movie release you have right now, the WEBRip or the Bluray version?


Peculiar, I had answered but the answer is gone.
It's BR, sir.

Thank you very much.


the bluray version is missing the subtitle for the English spoken part so i joined the subtitle from Amazon which have the English spoken part but doesn't have the Spanish spoken part and joined them with the bluray subtitle which have only the Spanish part

you can download it here https://subscene.com/subtitles/belzebuth/english/2279182


Sir @tehBotolSosro: Thank you very much.
You've made a nigh deaf man very, very happy.

Thank you!!!