REALLY??? Under attack?? Is this serious or a "guess"?? RE: Hero Kan's RE's

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Is this site REALLY under "attack"??

IF so, is there ANYthing that "we" (or I) can do to help??

Does the site NEED help, in ANY areas?

If so, then I would be MORE than happy to help out, in ANY way possible. : )

Let me know. I can't even PM anyone at this point : (

THIS is the ONLY method of "contact" that I can find, on THIS site at least.

And @Hero Kan, WHO exactly ARE you? Are you "staff" or just a member, like the rest of us?? JUST curious. Really! That's all. : )

Please, do let me know, if there is ANYthing that I (we) can do. : ) -EB


Stop spamming the boards with your useless yammers... JUST WAIT!

Hero Kan


Yes, he is an annoying member, I thought many times about banning him.
But as they say: 'Better late than never'.

Stop these topics, please. Because that started to be spam and as you know, Spam leads to Ban.



Hero Kan : Roles: MediaModerator, SubtitleModerator, ForumModerator, UserModerator.

So i guess its better for you to listen to him.

As the saying goes, "sit down in the boat", the storm will be over when its over until then just sit tight and wait.


yes subscene hacked