Opening account just to give bad rating (page 2)

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I will pass on the idea, I can't guarantee it will be implemented but I agree it would be a good idea.


@Wafad79 That user registered back in 2012 so it's an old account. It seems he is going mostly after your subtitles, since I don't speak the language I can't check how good your subtitles are. Do you upload custom or retail subs, or both ?

Currently no subttiles can be reached, site loads and loads and then after a while it gives that error message.


last 3 days haven't able post subs temp unavail error. only in forums lol! server maintenance?

sorry didnt mean hijack thread. as for original post a remedy needs to be done. like someone said most give no justification for the negative rating although you message them why.


I hope we aren't counting my account as bad. I love this site and give ratings responsibly..


given bad rating or good is a personal thing
and it shouldnt negative effect to others,coz it leeds to neg view to download by users,for this reason it shouldnt view personal effect to other's opinion,the user must try it himself and best subtitle download and use,however its not and some usres missuse for omitting , i m sorry for that but its true,generally this kind of rating bullshit thing. strongly i suggest the admins prevent to them