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I've downloaded plenty of subtitles from this site in the past and am grateful for its existence. But I've been having some real trouble today with the subtitles for His Dark Materials, Season2 Episode2 The Cave.

I've tried about half a dozen and none of them synch with the video. Do I just have to go by trial and error or is there some obvious trick that I just haven't learned yet?



Do this first: Download MediaInfo ( install. Open/Play your file or with MediaInfo note the total duration/runtime (hrs/mins/sec) AND framerate (fps). Note the release group of your file which is always at end of filename (AFG/EVO/GalaxyRG/NTb.. etc). Go to sub topic. Find sub with release name/group.

Runtime and FPS is very important for synchronization. A mere second +/- will sometimes make a lot of difference. In rare cases a bad re-encode or encoder clipping seconds from source file will disturb sync of entire file and subtitle will have to be resynced to match the new duration.

Some uploaders will also include duration in comments to help ppl determine correct subtitle to sync w/your particular file.

You need further help PM me with entire release name.


Thank you so much for the reply. I've been quite ill for the past few weeks and today is the first time I've checked anything. I'll try it out today. Again, apologies for the delay in replying.

When I look for Release Group in the I don't see it. Now, there are lots of view options and it's possible that I overlooked it but might it go by another name? Or am I being totally clueless and looking in the wrong place?


I feel you. Myloc's answer is great, but sometimes on an especially obscure title there aren't many choices available. However, many players will allow you to tweak your sync, either adding or subtracting time increments to get your SRT to match up. For example, for MAC's VLC app, you'd go to "window", then "track synchronization" and the pop-up window will show you where. MXplayer does too, as I imagine do most popular players. That usually will work for the full video with a one time adjustment, though disclaimer, when it's a different fps you'll be re-tweaking as the video progresses. I always add a note to my srt file title just for myself like +1.5s or -6.0s. Hope that helps.