Help: My computer converts srt files to Wordpad text files

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My computer converts srt files to Wordpad text files. This is okey watching video on my computer but my Samsung tv doesn't accept them. I want to unzip toe subtitle as a srt file. This used to work until I had to down a new windows 10. Thanks for any help


Open any file explorer and on the top bar click view (near home and share) then on the right hand side you will see a checkbox written file name extensions - check it.

now go to your wordpad file it will have its extension showing *.txt change to *.srt


right click on file and select open with choose notepad and check always use this app
install subtle edit open your sub. on the top right click on encoding tab choose UTF8 and save subtitle


Thank you very much for your help. Recommendations worked. My appreciations.


Thank you for your assistance. I appreciate it greatly. My problem is resolved.