[Solved] How do I rate a subtitle?

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Well, what the title says.
I see scores/ratings on subtitles, and I'd like to weigh in.

Do I need some kind of higher user rank to do that?

Pardon me, I'm new as a registered user, though a long time user of Subscene subtutles.

The forum "FAQ" is... less than helpful.
I have no idea why it's called FAQ, There are subtitle requests in there. WTF? O.o
I would imagine there are much more useful, more frequently asked questions.


push download subtitle and it appears a "good/bad"


Thank you guys, I overlooked that!


I don't see how this question is "solved". I just spent 30 minutes trying to find a way to rate a subtitle that has problems, but there are no clear instructions in this discussion, or anywhere.

I tried the instructions above: "push download subtitle and it appears a "good/bad" -- but there is nothing that appears. No way to rate anything, and nothing in FAQ.

Maybe the instructions above apply only on a phone, or on some browsers? Surprised that subscene would not provide some better clues. I have no idea, but it shouldn't be such a big secret. Thanks anyway...


As others said:
U have to download the subtitle then U can rate it.

Here's an example (Using Firefox PC Version):
Before Download:
After Download:


@Mos_Dos thank you, your info and screenshots were helpful. I had already downloaded the subtitle before watching the movie, then when I went back to rate it, the Good/Bad wasn't there. I downloaded it a second time, and it showed up then.


You are welcome!