Explosiveskull his bots and shills

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Sorry I do not not know where to post my thoughts:

Explosiveskull his bots and shills rated BAD all of my above subtitles after accusing me of copying "HIS sub" (whatever that means) because ALL of my posts are extracted from torrent or forum releases available to everyone. To provide cover for their false accusations and ratings, they also rated 'BAD'.. posts made by one of their shills. At times I use software to improve subtitle to my liking. I've also spent many hours without sotware reviewing dialogue making corrections. I've been a member of this forum since 2009 and recently became active once again 3 months ago at start of Covid-19 quarantine because of furlough and consequently have time. But this darkens my belief in a free forum: whereby one individual can run helter-skelter, tarnish the work of others just to gain more of WHAT? first post?..downloads?..jealousy?..rating..satify a rampant ego? I have never experienced this concerted effort by a (former member? because he use's bots and shills) to discredit, target another uploader. I don't know who this explosivespunk is. I've never "copied" His 'OWNED' subs. I've always given credit to original uploader when I improved/made changes - review my posts over the years or within the last months!

I'm not F*N whiner but an abusive false agenda, spreading lies disinformation upon my reputation has to stop! Because they will target others. I strongly urge Admin, Mods review my complaint and take action as they seem appropriate.


Exactly man what’s the f*n purpose if it’s just free platform


@myloc just want to comment that if you want to add another release title/info that use the same timing and are the exact same subtitle that you previously upload, just press the EDIT SUBTITLE link, and click the "add more" no need to upload the subtitle again and use different release title.




all above subtitle you upload,have the same timing and same text, so why do you upload multiple times.

another example


both are uploaded on 1 day difference
if you fix the subtitle from typo then why not delete the older subtitle that you upload, so people aren't downloading your old release that have typo.

ps. i have flagged all the release above, so it may be deleted in the future